R.O. & Deputy R.O. Elections. Plus website manager

It is that time of year again when we elect the Blackpool Regions officers. This past year I have neglected my duties as R.O. as on many occasions the club meetings have clashed with my Sprinting events and when they did not I felt committed to do things with Ann that were none car related.

I have managed the Regional website for the past 11 years and been the R.O. for the last 10 years therefore I intend to DEFINATELY stand down this year. I believe we need a fresh person with new ideas and enthusiasm to take the Club forwards.

James has also stated he needs to stand down as Deputy due to lack of time.So we need volunteers for the two positions. Below are the Key responsibilities of the jobs along with an application form that needs a proposer and seconder. I still intend to stay on as a “normal” club member and will give support and advice to our successors as required.

Nominations have to be back at the main club by 26th September and I will have the registration forms at the next meeting at the Phantom Winger on the 18th September. Please give it some serious thought.



Turning to the position of website manager, it does not have to be the R.O. or even the Deputy R.O. but it makes communications easier if it is. Not every region has a website and some regions communicate via e mails and letters. You don’t have to be a computer wizard to use the system

Will you all please consider taking on one of the roles even if it is only for a short time as the Club does need a focal point.






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