R.O. & Deputy R.O. Elections. Plus website manager

It is that time of year again when we elect the Blackpool Regions officers. This past year I have neglected my duties as R.O. as on many occasions the club meetings have clashed with my Sprinting events and when they did not I felt committed to do things with Ann that were none car related.

I have managed the Regional website for the past 11 years and been the R.O. for the last 10 years therefore I intend to DEFINATELY stand down this year. I believe we need a fresh person with new ideas and enthusiasm to take the Club forwards.

James has also stated he needs to stand down as Deputy due to lack of time.So we need volunteers for the two positions. Below are the Key responsibilities of the jobs along with an application form that needs a proposer and seconder. I still intend to stay on as a “normal” club member and will give support and advice to our successors as required.

Nominations have to be back at the main club by 26th September and I will have the registration forms at the next meeting at the Phantom Winger on the 18th September. Please give it some serious thought.



Turning to the position of website manager, it does not have to be the R.O. or even the Deputy R.O. but it makes communications easier if it is. Not every region has a website and some regions communicate via e mails and letters. You don’t have to be a computer wizard to use the system

Will you all please consider taking on one of the roles even if it is only for a short time as the Club does need a focal point.






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Club Meeting at Phantom winger this Sunday 21st August

Events coming up

BVPG car show ~ Italian Gardens ~ 28th
Harewood ~ 28th Sunday

Aintree ~ 3rd Saturday

Thursday 8th Sept pint and meal at the Swan with two necks at Pendleton
Goodwood Revival~11/13th
BVPG car show ~ Fairhaven Lake ~ 11th
Manchester Classic CAR SHOW Event City Trafford Park ~ 17/18th

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Run out for pint and meal Thursday 8th September

Following on from our last run out to “Old Nells” we are planning another to the Swan with two Necks at Pendleton near Clitheroe. It has been Camera pub of the year several times and voted Ribble valley pub of the year 2016. See below for details.


Suggest we meet up at the Tickled Trout at 6:45 for the run over to the pub. The post code for the pub in case any one wants to meet us there is BB7 1PT.

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Lytham 1940’s Wartime Festival 13/14th August 2016

The 1940’s brought to life with a bang! From the dark days of Dunkirk, through the blitz and hard times on the home front to D-Day and victory in Europe and Asia, come join in the atmosphere and immerse yourself in a brilliant weekend of entertainment, re-enactment and have-a-go fun!


Historic Vehicles, music and dance, memorabilia, thrilling battles, educational talks and demonstrations plus living history camp! Why not pick up the latest war winning gardening and food tips or join the Home Guard?!? Why not hire your 1940s costume and join in the fun. Lytham 1940s Wartime Festival is now on Twitter and Facebook!

Not really a car show event but it will be entertaining. Suggest you park wherever you can or are directed to and possibly meet in the Queens pub for a drink.

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Old Nells’s

Sixteen of us went to Old Nell’s at Bilsborrow last night for a meal and run out. Those of us from the Blackpool area met up at the Shell garage near the M55. It was nice to see some new faces there including Paul Forrest, Rufus and his wife in their Green Chimeara and Don Hastey and his wife. Don had been at Heaths and decided to stay over for the meal. A quick blast up the motorway and we met up with Jim and Shiela Edwards and Mark Warburton who had gone straight to the pub.

Either the nights are drawing in or we talked a lot as it was dark when we left. I took the country route back home and realised just how useless the headlights are on my SEAC!

It was a great night out and it was suggested we should do something similar every month.


Nells 1.jpg

What’s up Ray you look like you lost a pound and found a shilling!

Nells 2

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Lytham Car Show Photo’s

Seven Tvr’s  attended The Show at the end of July followed by a run home thro the centre of Lytham ,which caused a stir!. Many Thanks to Heath for leading the day.


photo 2.jpg


photo 5.jpg

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A new “Driving God is born”

Today at the 3 Sisters a new star appeared on the scene. Bill Campion’s S2 ran flawlessly all day and on his last run pipped Duncan Woodcock by 0.26 seconds with a time of 54.38 to take the 25 points. Bill annialated me by 1.83 seconds. Final times on circuit 2 were

Bill 54.38, Duncan 54.64, Me 56.21 (I think it’s getting time for me to retire)

Click here for Championship status. Note Campion and Champion do sound similar!

Championship status


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