Sprint results updated post Scammondon Dam and Aintree

Aintree was a disaster with the event being cancelled after the first timed run due to the track flooding.

Duncans first run was 58.36 , Bill Campions was 64.37, and mine was 63.55. Although very wet it was useful to see how the Toyo 888’s handled the standing water.

As only Anglesey remains we can now announce the results of this years events

The rules are to score there has to be at least 2 members of the region present.

The number of events to count is based on the person with the least events in which they have scored, and this year both Bill and Duncan have 4 such events.

In first place with a score of 116.9  is Duncan

In second is ME! ON 84.67

In third place is Bill on 83.88

As this is Bills first year I think it will be between bill and Duncan in 2017 Unless some new entrants (young whippersnappers) rock up!



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