Trip to Scotland N.C.500

At the January club meeting the members decided that they would like the trip to be in Spring to start the “season” off. The proposed date is from Friday 29th April to Wednesday the 4th of May, travelling up on the Friday and  home on the Wednesday this is a total of 5 nights away.

There are various itineraries on the website for you to browse and Jim Edwards and I are going to meet up very soon and propose a route for you to consider. You don’t need to do the whole route and if you just want to join for two or three days that would be fine.

In order for us to sort accommodation we will need to know who is coming and for how long so please let me know ASAP as hotel rooms will soon get filled up.


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4 Responses to Trip to Scotland N.C.500

  1. Bill Campion says:

    Hi David, We won’t be able to make it. I am working that weekend and we go on holiday on 20th.
    Have a good trip – maybe next time.
    Bill Campion

  2. Andrew Lynch says:

    Hi Dave, we just need to confirm how many days leave we can get from work. Ideally we would like to come along for the whole trip – at the moment we can commit to Friday to Monday but will let you know for definite in a day or so.

  3. Andrew Lynch says:

    Shirl and I have booked to the Wednesday off work, so we are up for the whole trip.


  4. Duncan Woodcock says:

    Hi Dave. Jane and I get back from Cyprus the day before you set off, and then Jane is off to Greece with her sister two days after you get back. We’d have really liked to have come, but there’s a limit to how much time we can spend enjoying ourselves! Hope you have a great trip.


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