Route, approx costs and milage for the Scotland trip

Jim Edwards and I have pooled are knowledge of the runs we have made to Scotland in the past and come up with the following route. I have plotted each days route using the AA route planner which gives detailed instructions as well as a small map. I would still suggest using Sat Nav’s as the primary method of navigation.

The total Mileage is 1053 and the total driving time is just under 24 hours, so there will be plenty of time for stops and sightseeing.

I estimate petrol to be about £200 assuming 25 mpg , Accommodation to be typically £100 / night for 2 people and other meals and drink etc to be about £25 / person per day. The total cost will be approx. £1000.

The average temperature in Ullapool in April is 9 c and in May 13.5 c so the dates chosen of 29th April to 4th May should be about 12 degrees. If you want it to be warmer the trip would have to be later in the year.

Going  are:- Andy and Shirley Lynch, Gordon and ??Quigley, Gordons friend Stuart, Possibly going are Darren Jones,  Nick Isherwood.

Not Going for various reasons are Ann & I, Jim & Shiela Edwards, Bill & Maggie Campion, Duncan & Jane Woodcock, Ray Morrison

There are still others who have not informed me of their intentions.

I have put the route and other details on a separate dedicated page.

I need to know final numbers so I can choose hotels and B&B’S I WILL THEN GET YOU TO MAKE THE RESERVATIONS DIRECTLY WITH THE HOTELS.


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