Lakes trip Sunday 11th October

A great day out. Met up at the Forton Services where we were met up with most of our members plus a few friends of Heaths who were in a Sagaris a Chim and an Audi TT. We arrived at the Lakeland Museum where we met up with Jeremy and Jack Collingwood in their Blue Chimeara plus Philip Corkill and 3 other cars from South Lakes Region. The total number of cars including those of the High Peak District was 27 plus the Audi.
A leisurely Coffee was followed by a trip round the museum, which has changed a lot of exhibits since my last visit. We then decided to go for lunch at the Swan Hotel which was very good and followed this with a drive up to Bowness where we did our own thing, mine involving ice cream and Nicolas involving shopping!

The drive home was terrible and it took most of us 3 hours as the motorway was blocked for most of the way and we only stopped queuing when we went past Garstang.

lakes 2Lakes 3
lakes1Lakes 5

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