Oulton Park Saturday 17th October last round of Tuscan Challenge

Good and bad news. The bad news is that the TVR qualification starts at 9:05 with the tvr race at 11:00 that means an early start. I will call in at the Tickled Trout at 7:30 and pick up anyone who is there. I propose to meet with Jim Edwards and Mark Warburton and any one who lives south of the Tickled Trout at the track in our usual place overlooking Cascades. The Good news is we wont have to endure the “fun cup” and can be home not long after lunch if we wish!

Tickets are £10 on line and £14 at the gate unless you are an old bugger like me who can get in for £10 at the gate.It’s the only advantage of being old!

Heath ~ Can you bring the Flags and banner


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