Cleveleys Car Show 19th August

Well it was certainly different to your normal car show. The compact site and adjacent cafe’s and shops made for a new type of event more like a street carnival. Live bands, a scalextric track and an abundance of different vehicles and PEOPLE completed the scene.

Lets start with a general photo of the event site and you can see what I mean by a different location. It did work well though and the cafe we used was excellent value and very friendly staff as well.

Here is another Typical car show photo showing some of the gang near their cars.

And now something a bit different not your usual display vehicle but a Trike and trailer Hearse! Even the number plate reads HE56RSE. Although my photo of its sister vehicle has not turned out it was another “Creepy” large american hearse type vehicle complete with skeletons and even a pair of old rotten looking legs protruding from under the car!

Our very own Russ Larcombe who was one of the main organisers, met us when we arrived, and said there were some interesting things here I don’t think he meant just the cars! I think the car is a very special Cadilac Eldorado. If you blow the picture up in size you just may be able to discern the name on the rear wing. I am also advised by an un-named source that black tights and pink sandals are a fashion No No.

Moving on and back to reality this is me sat in Peter Wheelers 7000M which Brian Hosfield from Lawfield Engineering had kindly brought along. The closer you look at this car and the more Brian told us you really do appreciate what a magnificent piece of engineering it is.

Many thanks also to Brian for allowing us into his trailer where he made us all coffee and we had an impromptu musical quiz whilst the weather had turned a bit wet.

To finish on a good note and I do mean a good note! this should be a link to Peter Wheelers car when Brian Kindly started it up for us. Two lady police women walking past were heard to say “I hope he breaks it” …. just what did happen to the Olympic spirit!

Well done to Russ and the rest of the organising team you did a great job

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