July club meet & run out 24/07/16

At the next meeting at the Phantom Winger on Sunday the 24th July it
is proposed we go to a pub and brewery in the Lakes for a run out.
Leaving from the Phantom Winger at 11:00


unfortunately Dave is away and I may not be able to make it – I may get there for the meet but not the run out.

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3 Responses to July club meet & run out 24/07/16

  1. Jim Edwards says:

    I see from the earlier email that Dave isn’t going and if the above post on this website is by James then he might not be going in which case who is actually organising the run? Could be a Heath one? (he knows about nice country pubs)
    Anyway as the Winger has been extremely busy for recent meets (I was away for the last 2 but not for this one) it might be difficult to actually get in towards 11 am so I wonder if it might be worth those leaving from the Winger (who might have been there early and managed to get parked) calling in at the Forton services at say 11.15 or so to see if anyone is joining them there. That would give people who can’t get in at the Winger or coming from elsewhere just for the run to join.
    Any thoughts?

  2. andylynch500@gmail.com says:

    Shirl and I are hoping to breakfast in the Phantom Winger, probably not doing the run, as yet!


  3. billc99 says:

    See you at the Winger tomorrow.

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