Final sprint of season at Anglesey

Last weekend Andy Lynch, Heath Briggs and I entered the 2 day event at Anglesey. The format was two laps of the National Circuit on the Saturday and two laps of the International on the Sunday. We travelled down on the Friday night with Heath and I sharing a room in a boarding house in Rhosneiger. The first night I slept on the couch the due to Heaths “snoring” Yes he is now known as “Chain saw Briggs” The second night I am told it was me who snored and I do seem to remember being “prodded” in the night by Heath. Anyway enough of that!

It was the first time Longton M.C. had run a two lap event at the circuit and with an entry of over 122 it was a long time between runs. However when you were actually on track it was a hoot. On the second lap of the national circuit we were approaching school bend after the long down hill straight flat out in fourth gear which does focus the mind. Times for day one were Heath 146.08, Andy 142.19 and I clocked 134.93. I defo had a faster run and actually caught an escort at the last bend before the finish and followed him over the line but no time was recorded for me. (In all fairness the escort was struggling with a dodgy fuel pump)
Andy, Heath and I dined that night in a Thai restaurant in Rhosneiger which was truly excellent the only downside was the locals had the Australia Rugby match on the telly down stairs and every time Australia scored there was a great cheer. With Australia winning England were out of the cup. We decided to beat a hasty retreat in case they heard our English accents!

Sunday was a hot sunny day and was the first time any of us had gone down the famous Anglesey “corkscrew” It looks worse than it is. Times for the Sunday were Andy 196.48 Heath 193.41 and I clocked a 184.93.

So that’s it for this year apart from a possible track day In November at Oulton Park if anyone is interested.

After some consideration in the bar on Saturday night I have revised the overall result of the Zimmer & Zoomers challenge as follows 1st Duncan Woodcock, 2nd Andy Lynch and 3rd “Chain saw Briggs”

Thanks boys for the company
Andy at Aanglesey

Chims at aAnglsey

Heath and Andy at Angsey
me at anglesey

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