Tour of Germany in 2016

Ann and I are going to take the TVR to Germany next year. We lived there for 3 years and want to revisit some of the places we visited when we were there. Nothing definate has been fixed yet but approximately as follows
Overnight ferry from Hull to Rotterdam. (122 miles to Hull)
Day 1 Rotterdam to Limburg (233 miles) Mainly Motorway to get to nice areas
Day 2 Limburg to Heidelberg via Lahn Valley, Boppard, Bingen (161miles)
The Lahn Valley is a beautiful route and passes through the beautiful town of Bad Emms, where it joins the Rhine Valey.The road then follows the Rhine through Boppard and Bingen down to Heidelberg.
Limburg Limburg
Bad Ems Bad Ems
Boppard Boppard on Rhine
Lahn Valley Lahn Valley
Rhine gorge
Rhine Gorge
Day 3 Heidelberg to Schaffhausen via the Black Forrest (165 miles)
We visit the spa Town of Baden Baden before entering the black forrest and passing through Freudenstadt and arriving at Scaffhausen which is on the border with Switzerland. The famous Rhine Falls are at Schaffhausen.
Heidelburg  Heidelberg
Rhine Falls 1 Rhine Falls
Rhine Falls 2 Rhine Falls
Day 4 Schaffhausen to Munich via Lake Constance (177 miles)
We follow the shore of Lake Constance through through Friedrichshaven then head N. West up to Munich
Day 5 Day in Munich
Marien platz Marien platz Munich
At this point we may stay longer in Munich and take day trips to some of the following places:-
Option 1 Eagles Nest in Berchesgarden (114 including return to Munich)
The Eagles nest is where Hitler spent his summer months ) there is also lake Konigsee to see
Option 2 Garmisch Parten Kirchen and visit one of King Ludwigs Castles
Option 3 Salzburg Where the sound of music was filmed. A very Cultural city
The journey home from Munich will be via the Romantica strasse which is the most scenic road in Germany and will take in the medievil town of Dinklesbuhl and stay the night in the ancient walled town of Rothenburg.(135 miles)
Tothenburg Rothenburg

Day ? Rothenburg to either Limburg or Nurburg for a blast round the Nurburg ring if wanted (209 miles)
Day ? From either Limburg or Nurburg back to Rotterdam for overnight ferry return (203 miles)

If anyone wants to Join us on the tour or parts of it please let me know and I will discuss it at the next meeting. I have prices for the ferry plus the chunnel and Calais to Dover Ferries plus prices for various hotels.


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2 Responses to Tour of Germany in 2016

  1. Duncan Woodcock says:

    I’d forgotten just how pretty Germany can be. Awesome trip….enjoy!

  2. Andrew Lynch says:

    Sounds great, hope you enjoy it.

    Might keep a copy of that for a future trip


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