Tatton Park~ August 17/18th

Dave Wilkins and John Carter have invited us to Tatton 2
They will be having a stand again this year for those of you who wish to show your cars at Tatton Park in August.

It’s a good deal because you get free entry to the park and the show and a great parking spot right in the show itself, the only downside is that you have to be on site before 9am and you can’t move your car until after 4pm but you’d be doing that any way wouldn’t you?

However you must be booked in well in advance and, as with Tatton 1, this means that you must register with the Greater Manchester Region Club organiser who for this event is John Carter. Please contact John by email at get2carter@ntlworld.com or call/text him on 0777 625 1027. You will have to complete and sign a registration form including your car’s details for each and every day that you propose attending.

Please give Paul Wilson a well earned rest after Tatton 1 but if you have any difficulties contacting John then please get in touch with Dave Wikins and he will do his best to sort out any issues.

Numbers are limited (as those who attended Tatton 1 will testify) so it’s strictly first come first served and all registrations must be with John by July 9th (the date of the next Greater Manchester region meeting). Decide now which day you’re going (or both) and get in touch with John Carter as soon as possible.

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