Lanc’s region Run Out on Sunday 24th April

Jim Edwards has passed this message on from Steve Ducker from Lancs Region. Deatails of the run are shown below. I wont be going as I am competing the day before
Meet Tickled Trout Services Car Park PR5 0UJ  
10:00 a.m. Depart 10:30 to Ribblehead Viaduct meet up with North Yorkshire and on to,
Wensleydale Creamery  you are then free wander around and visit the restaurant or coffee shop and then journey home at your liesure.
Cheers Steve
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Andy scores his first points of the season

Results after Croft meeting

Championship status

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Mitton Hall car show

I believe the show is well worth a visit. It is near Whally

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Run out to Wallings via Trough of Bowland


What a good day we had. The car park at the Phantom Winger was packed with all sorts of exotica and became absolutely grid locked when a large convoy of cars from the Leeds Super car club arrived. After briefing all the members on coming events etc, eight cars left for the run out through the “Trough”. The route wound through Longridge ,Whitewell, Dunsop Bridge, Abbeystead and finally to Cockerham. The weather was fantastic all day blue sky, sinshine and hoods down.

Being the first run out of the year we did have a few problems with our cars after the winter hibernation. Mark Warburton had a miscellaneous electric glitch followed by a door refusing yo stay closed. James had a misfire at high rev’s possibly due to fuel starvation. I had a problem with the starter motor solenoid which nessitated a bump start but managed to correct itself by the time I got home. One of the cars on the run was a lotus so heavens only knows what he thinks about TVR’s now!

The Wallings Ice Cream Factory was jammed pack full when we got their but luckily they have expanded their car park and added an outside outlet for the ice crean along with lots of seating so no problem. Sitting in the sun with large ice creams and good company, don’t you just love TVR’s and their owners.

More photo’s to follow from Shirley





Se what you missed Heath!

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National drive your TVR DAY Sunday 14th August

A message from ZOE, the special projects organiser at the main club:-

“My task for 2016 was to come up with an idea for a national event for 2016, which in its self is a quite a big task, as not only when we could hold such an event but where ?

We wanted to avoid the usual north / south opinions so were looking to try and create a national event that could be held over the whole country on the same day, and if successful no one would have to travel too far. Every region and individual could do their own thing.

Below is a poster with our idea which I hope you all like and will get behind.

As the poster says, if you do need any help or have any questions in organising an event on your region or need any ideas please do not hesitate to contact me and I’ll endeavour to assist you as best I can.     I’ve also attached the poster as a pdf so you can circulate this on to your members.

Also if you’d prefer the picture at the bottom to be cars from your region just send me a suitable picture and I’ll send a new poster back to you for you to circulate.

As I said if you need any help you know where I am

Bye for now


Special Projects

TVR Car Club 

Tel :

01767 683836 (Home)  07795 094832 (Mobile)  01767 685700 (Work)

drive it day poster


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Route, approx costs and milage for the Scotland trip

Jim Edwards and I have pooled are knowledge of the runs we have made to Scotland in the past and come up with the following route. I have plotted each days route using the AA route planner which gives detailed instructions as well as a small map. I would still suggest using Sat Nav’s as the primary method of navigation.

The total Mileage is 1053 and the total driving time is just under 24 hours, so there will be plenty of time for stops and sightseeing.

I estimate petrol to be about £200 assuming 25 mpg , Accommodation to be typically £100 / night for 2 people and other meals and drink etc to be about £25 / person per day. The total cost will be approx. £1000.

The average temperature in Ullapool in April is 9 c and in May 13.5 c so the dates chosen of 29th April to 4th May should be about 12 degrees. If you want it to be warmer the trip would have to be later in the year.

Going  are:- Andy and Shirley Lynch, Gordon and ??Quigley, Gordons friend Stuart, Possibly going are Darren Jones,  Nick Isherwood.

Not Going for various reasons are Ann & I, Jim & Shiela Edwards, Bill & Maggie Campion, Duncan & Jane Woodcock, Ray Morrison

There are still others who have not informed me of their intentions.

I have put the route and other details on a separate dedicated page.

I need to know final numbers so I can choose hotels and B&B’S I WILL THEN GET YOU TO MAKE THE RESERVATIONS DIRECTLY WITH THE HOTELS.


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Trip to Scotland N.C.500

At the January club meeting the members decided that they would like the trip to be in Spring to start the “season” off. The proposed date is from Friday 29th April to Wednesday the 4th of May, travelling up on the Friday and  home on the Wednesday this is a total of 5 nights away.

There are various itineraries on the website for you to browse and Jim Edwards and I are going to meet up very soon and propose a route for you to consider. You don’t need to do the whole route and if you just want to join for two or three days that would be fine.

In order for us to sort accommodation we will need to know who is coming and for how long so please let me know ASAP as hotel rooms will soon get filled up.


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Wrea Green Car Show Sunday 29th May

Exhibitor entry form for show below. Just click on it to increase size, Take copy and follow instructions at foot of form if you are going. Note price increase for late bookings. As most of you know the show gets better every year and it is for a good local charity.




Wrea Green Show 2016

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N.W.Stages Rally at Norbreck Hotel 5th/6th February

I will be going on Friday 5th to see the rally show and watch the opening stage on the Prom. Will post meet up place and time later

Click on the site below for full details and entry list etc

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6th best coastal road trip in the world

So far the following have expressed an interest in going but dependant upon dates and other holidays etc

Ann & David Welton, Duncan  & Jane Woodcock, Jim & Sheila Edwards, Andy & Shirley Lynch, Ray Morrison, Darren Jones ( chap who sprints a Porsche Cayman in Heath’s & Andy’s class)

AND IT’S IN THE UK!!  The Daily Mail has named the Scottish North Coast 500 one of the worlds best driving roads. A few years ago 9 of the Blackpool regions members did a tour of Scotland that took in the majority of this route, and we all said at the time how fabulous the scenery was and the actual roads. The further North and west you go the better it gets. Click on the link below for more details.

I was going to go to Germany this year in the TVR but it did not prove popular with the members However, this tour is much nearer and less mileage and cost.


Below is a video of Russ Larcombe in the Griff and me in my old 350SE playing on Kylescu , which CAR SOUNDS BEST? It’s got to be the Wedge!!

 This is the write up following our similar tour in 2011

Day 1 Tuesday 31st May (Preston to Fort William)

Five  cars met up at the Forton Services for the start of our Tour of Scotland, Bob and Vicky in the Tuscan, Rob and Penny in the Chimeara, Jim and Carol in the Cerbera , Ian and Lorraine in the T350 AND Ann and I in the Wedge.  Russ and Rob had arranged to travel up the following day and meet us in Fort William. The route took us round Glasgow and along the shores of Loch Lomond.  There was a sea plane just taking off from the Loch for a scenic pleasure flight at Inverdeg where we stopped for lunch, I would have loved a flight in that. The sun was shining on the Loch and the scenery was beautiful.

The run through Glencoe was special and it’s easy to imagine what went on in that valley with its shear sides of granite and cascades of water. Definitely Braveheart country!. We arrived at Fort William early evening and stayed at the Clan Mc Duff Hotel on the shores of the Loch. We had booked dinner in the hotel in advance as we thought the 300 mile drive would be enough for one day. Excellent dinner good food, wine and company.


Small gift shop & café near Fort William           Clan Mc Duff Hotel at Fort William


Day 2 Wednesday  (Rest day in Fort William)

The forecast was correct and the Scottish Mist had descended (we call it rain) We spent some time in the Highland Musem which was very interesting and then went to look round a distillery. Unfortunately the next tour round the place was full so we went to see a steam railway on the road out to Malaig. This was followed by some of the group going to look round the Statue of Bonnie Prince Charlie. Ann and I decided it was time for a read and afternoon snooze! So we went back to the Hotel. Russ and Robert joined us for dinner in the hotel. Vicky ran an evening quiz with questions taken from the “Pub Quiz” article in the Telegraph. Brilliant fun and we even had some others on nearby tables joining in. Well done Vicky.


Ian in need of a sugar rush!                     Speaking of Rush this was the “rush hour”

Day 3 Thursday  (Fort William  to Ullapool)

First stop was Eileen Donan Castle for coffee and a wander round . The scenery was again magnificent with snow on the tops of the highest mountains long waterfalls and azure coloured lochs. We stopped at the foot of the road over to Apple cross and met up with a chap in a white Westfield RS500 who was having a blast through the highlands Looked fun but I don’t think our girls would have agreed to wearing  full face crash helmets!  Russ, Ian and Jim decided to go over the pass. Rob, Bob and I thought it would be too cloudy to see anything so we went on to a place called Torringdon for some lunch and a sit in the sun. We joined the A82 (otherwise known as the Nurbergring) and did the remaining 50 miles to Ullapool at shall we say a sprightly pace! We stayed at a B&B called the Shielings which was again a nice place with very helpful owners. It was not licenced but they were fine if we brought some wine and beers to drink in the lounge. They did not do dinner so we dined in the Ferry Boat on the front in Ullapool and had some very good Cullen Skink soup and other sea food. The langoustines were like baby lobsters!


Langoustines at the “Ferry Boat” in Ullapool                        At Eileeen  Donan Castle

Day 4 Friday  (Ullapool  to Durness at the very top of Scotland and back to Ullapool)

(Very hot Sunny day and shorts were compulsory; apparently Ian did not get the memo stating this.)

First stop was the bridge at Kylesku where Rob Larcombe was allowed to drive first his Dads Sagaris round the car park then Jim’s Cerbera. It was at Kylesku where they practiced with the miniature 2 man submarines that were used in the war to try and sink the German battleship. The journey up to Durness was mainly then on single track roads with passing places. It was along this section that we split into two groups. The first being the SAS (Scenery Admiration Society) who drove at up to 50 mph and the RAS (Road Admiration Society) who never went less than 50 mph! The place in Durness where we intended to have lunch was closed so we diverted to a place called “Cocoa Mountain” where Rob had a beaker of what was basically liquid chocolate. Also Penny assures us the Truffles were to die for not that I had any.


Crossing the Bridge at Kylescu

We met up with a Dutch couple and they said to take a detour along the coast on the way back I’m not saying it was desolate but they even had signs warning of wild pigs on the roads! And when they say blind summit they meant it. It was safer to get out and see where the road went! Needless to say the exhaust system on the Wedge was getting a real battering and those following me said they often saw sparks underneath it. Any way on the way back I was doing a steady 60 / 70 (so going slow by RAS standards when I noticed a strange noise coming from the engine. I stopped and Rob also pulled up to see what was wrong. It sounded like a broken tappet or valve spring or some other top end metallic rattle. All the instrument readings were ok so I decided to limp back the remaining 13 miles or so to the hotel. Jim came out and diagnosed a blown manifold gasket so I was very relieved as I was planning in my mind trailers and trains to get home.

The gang sat on the decking at the back of the Shieling’s for wine and beers in the sun whilst I took my spinning rod down to the Loch to try and catch some fish. Don’t ask. Dinner that night was in the Arch Restaurant where we also celebrated Jim’s birthday. Ann and I drove down to the Village whilst the rest walked there and back, did I mention the midgies?


The bay at Ullapool                                                   Good place for dinner in Ullapool

Day 5  (Ullapool to Fort William)

Took the Coastal route south which was again stunning scenery and stopped at Invercrewe Gardens. Whilst there we saw the cruise ship the “Hebridian Princess” moored in the Loch with people coming ashore on tenders. A nice pub lunch followed and back to the Clan Mc Duff hotel for our final night. I think the night is best described by a note in Ann’s diary “maybe a touch too much wine”

Day 5 (back home via a meet up with Central Scotland Region in Stirling)

We had arranged to meet up with some of the Scotland region members at the Dreadnought TVR garage in Callander. Whilst there the owner opened up the garage and showed us round. They seem to specialize in preparing MG TF race cars but did have a Chim up on the ramps. Nic e guy and a nice set up a bit like Track v Road in size and style.  Lunch was in the Broom Castle hotel where the Central Scotland Region hold their meetings. Penny nearly rounded off the holiday by buying a white 2.8 S, but Rob just managed to talk her out of it.


With some of the Central Scotland members                      Another day in paradise

How do I summarise the trip? Well I really do believe that Scotland has what I think is the best scenery in the world, better than Canada or Austria, or Germany. Just when you think it cannot get any better you round a corner or crest a pass and you are blown away with the views. As for the roads, the chap who planned  the A82 should have got a Knight hood. There are no real tight bends on any of in the roads we drove on and in general the surfaces are better than those in England. I really don’t know where we can go that would better that trip. I have driven through Germany, Austria and France and it just does not compare, scenery wise or driving wise. There is going to be some serious head scratching before next springs Tour……………..BRILLIANT!

Finally a big thanks to Bob Cuthbertson for making all the arrangements for the tour.

Only one thing spoiling this photo …….YES IT’S THE CARAVAN ………..I think this must be where Top Gear got the idea of shooting caravans off a cliff came from.


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