Event Overview


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The weekend starts with a round of an International Firework competition which takes place on the North Pier which is adjacent to the BH 2013 event site. Maps showing the location of the Pier and event site will be on display at the TVR Club reception desk in the Foyer of the De Vere Hotel.

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Registered Cahrity 1005165

Derian House is the Charity we are suppoting this year



If fireworks are not your thing you could go into town and take in a show or dine in one of the many restaurants, or if you have had enough driving the evening could be spent catching up with friends in the Buca Italian Restaurant which is part of the De Vere

The Saturday is based on the promenade right next to the North Pier and will feature:-

A time Line of all TVR Cars, A concours Competition, A static display of the cars that will be demonstrated on the Sunday, A display of Super Cars, Trade stands and a special attraction.

Trips to the  Old TVR Factory in Bristol Avenue have been arranged where businesses such as D&C Trim, Surface &Design, Lawfield Engineering, Mike Vernon Performance, will be open for viewing.

Three runs out are also planned, which will be lead by a local club member.

Saturday night will focus on the Gala ball in the De Vere hotel. It will include a live band and an auction / raffle. the Charity we are supporting this year is Derrian House Childrens Hospice in Chorley. In 2010 we raised £4732 for Cancer Research so lets see if we can better that!

Sunday is the Car Demonstration day. We are inviting Special TVR and other cars that will all have one thing in common they will be Loud and Fast. The course is basically a figure of eight on the lower promenade with a chicane to control the speed. We think this will make for better viewing than when cars just blast up a straight track, as the noise, smell!, and sight is all contained in one area. We hope to sell some passenger rides in the cars with suitable seating to raise money for the charity.

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