Aintree sprint 25th June

It appears that Duncan’s better driving skills are equalled by the extra performance of my Tasmin.

The times were

David  53.85seconds

Duncan 53.59 seconds

However the timing algorithm  compensates for my extra power and Duncan ends up winning by a country mile! 48.43 seconds against my 52.55 I DEFINATELY NEED THE OLD CODGERS FACTOR TO BE ADDED!

The current positions of the Blackpool Championship are shown below

Championship status

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1 Response to Aintree sprint 25th June

  1. Duncan Woodcock says:

    Crikey, that was close Dave. If only I could really do the algorithm time! Sorry you won’t be at Barbon. Mind you, if the forecast is anything to go by it will be a wet one again. Braking for that hairpin in the wet is a hair raising affair I’m not looking forward to! I’ll be at Scammonden on 17 th and 3 Sisters on 30th, so hope to catch up with you then. Hope you have the trailer for then. Best regards. D

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