Results post Barbon Hillclimb

Well done to Duncan who managed a third in class against some stiff opposition. Still leading the Blackpool championship.

Results post Barbon:-

Championship status

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2 Responses to Results post Barbon Hillclimb

  1. Duncan Woodcock says:

    Thanks Dave. The weather was truly atrocious and, to be honest, I chickened out after one timed run (they only managed two anyway) as the weather deteriorated. You did well to miss that one! Hoping for a dry run at my next one at Aintree.

    • Jim Edwards says:

      Glad I didn’t go then! David has swapped his enry to the next meetng at Barbon on July 2nd and that is also a round of the British Hillclimb Championship so hope some of the other TVRs enter as well and show them how its done …. maybe not as those boys are quick! Worth going to warchso shoukd be there if the weather is ok. Anyone else fancy coming to watch?

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