Club Meeting this Sunday 22nd May

Just a reminder that the meeting is this Sunday. I may not be there as it is Ann’s Birthday!

Listed below are the events for the coming month


Harewood ~ 5th Sunday (Don’t think any of us are competing)
Cleveleys car show 5th
Barbon ~ 11th Saturday
Pageant of Power ~10/12th
Club meeting sunday 19th Phantom winger
Goodwood Festival 23/26th
3 Sisters 18th Saturday 2 lapper

Aintree 25th Saturday

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2 Responses to Club Meeting this Sunday 22nd May

  1. Andy Lynch says:

    Can’t be there. Drinking and darts session Saturday night. Plod might not take kindly to me driving Sunday. Probably the whole of Sunday, if all goes to plan!
    Have a good meeting and breakfast

    Andy & Shirl

  2. Bill Campion says:

    Sorry I won’t be there, I will be in Zante. See you at 3 Sisters

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