Run out to Wallings via Trough of Bowland


What a good day we had. The car park at the Phantom Winger was packed with all sorts of exotica and became absolutely grid locked when a large convoy of cars from the Leeds Super car club arrived. After briefing all the members on coming events etc, eight cars left for the run out through the “Trough”. The route wound through Longridge ,Whitewell, Dunsop Bridge, Abbeystead and finally to Cockerham. The weather was fantastic all day blue sky, sinshine and hoods down.

Being the first run out of the year we did have a few problems with our cars after the winter hibernation. Mark Warburton had a miscellaneous electric glitch followed by a door refusing yo stay closed. James had a misfire at high rev’s possibly due to fuel starvation. I had a problem with the starter motor solenoid which nessitated a bump start but managed to correct itself by the time I got home. One of the cars on the run was a lotus so heavens only knows what he thinks about TVR’s now!

The Wallings Ice Cream Factory was jammed pack full when we got their but luckily they have expanded their car park and added an outside outlet for the ice crean along with lots of seating so no problem. Sitting in the sun with large ice creams and good company, don’t you just love TVR’s and their owners.

More photo’s to follow from Shirley





Se what you missed Heath!

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1 Response to Run out to Wallings via Trough of Bowland

  1. Jim Edwards says:

    Sadly I am away that weekend David – so hope that the weather is kind for the run.

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