National drive your TVR DAY Sunday 14th August

A message from ZOE, the special projects organiser at the main club:-

“My task for 2016 was to come up with an idea for a national event for 2016, which in its self is a quite a big task, as not only when we could hold such an event but where ?

We wanted to avoid the usual north / south opinions so were looking to try and create a national event that could be held over the whole country on the same day, and if successful no one would have to travel too far. Every region and individual could do their own thing.

Below is a poster with our idea which I hope you all like and will get behind.

As the poster says, if you do need any help or have any questions in organising an event on your region or need any ideas please do not hesitate to contact me and I’ll endeavour to assist you as best I can.     I’ve also attached the poster as a pdf so you can circulate this on to your members.

Also if you’d prefer the picture at the bottom to be cars from your region just send me a suitable picture and I’ll send a new poster back to you for you to circulate.

As I said if you need any help you know where I am

Bye for now


Special Projects

TVR Car Club 

Tel :

01767 683836 (Home)  07795 094832 (Mobile)  01767 685700 (Work)

drive it day poster


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2 Responses to National drive your TVR DAY Sunday 14th August

  1. Jim Edwards says:

    What a strange idea – we can actually use our cars ourselves – at least that is something that isn’t in the South! Hadn’t thought of that … no surprise that there is no ref to it in the events on the car club website or events forum.

  2. Bill Campion says:

    That must have taken ages to think up!

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