The modifications have started!

The Sprint/Hillclimb Season has finished and as more power costs more money the easier route is Less Weight! (both me and the car) So farI have lost a whole kg, but the car has lost 14kg so far.

Rear bumper was removed and weighed 11.2 kg the front bumper and lights weighed 2.9 kg That means a slight increase in the power to weight ratio. It now weighs 1009 kg and you tell me what a TVR 500 engine REALLY produces.

I think the front view looks like it’s from a Mad Max movie!



“Be Afraid” you fellow Blackpool Sprinters by next season I may have personally lost another fraction of a kilo and who knows how much more weight I can remove from the car!  If you look closely all superfluous stickers have been removed, this was not to save weight! but by making it look more standard it will not be as obvious when I don’t perform well!…..May even get some lessons at a track day?

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3 Responses to The modifications have started!

  1. Duncan Woodcock says:

    Looks awesome, Dave. Maybe I’ll remove the stereo from my Chim!

    • David Welton says:

      Hi Duncan,

      I intend to get a copy of the Algorithm that the TVR Championship use to allow cars with different performance, weight and tyres to compete evenly. We could then use it amongst ourselves to allow me and others with smaller engines to compete against each other on an even level.

      Will keep you all posted


      >—-Original Message—- >

  2. Andy Lynch says:

    Hi Dave, or is it now Max!!!

    Only mods for mine are refurb the shocks and add a roll bar. Looking forward to next season.

    Do we have any dates for the events?

    Just a suggestion, it would be nice if the Zoomers and Zimmers calendar could include a couple of extra events to allow for more flexibility for us / me with kids and family stuff to fit in. but I am in either way.

    Thanks for doing the hard work organising this and last years comp.


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