Information relating to coming events.

Chatsworth House 4th October
I have advised the Lanc’s region R.O. that those going from the Blackpool Region will be at the Mc Donalds at the end of the M67 at about 9:00am and will meet the rest of the regions there.

Lakes trip 11th of October
confirmed going are:-

Philip Corkhill (Cumbria Region)                                                                                             Heath Briggs
Bill Campion plus 1
Ray Morrison
Dave Welton
Jim Edwards
Please confim by the end of the month if you are intending to come so I can arrange tickets to the Museum and book the Swan at Newby Bridge for the meal


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2 Responses to Information relating to coming events.

  1. Jeremy Collingwood says:

    what’s the meet time at the Museum at Lakeside? I’m not in the club yet, relatively new to TVR ownership and was wondering if I good meet up with you guys on Sunday morning?
    Thanks for considering

    • David Welton says:

      Hi Jeremy,

      We are meeting up with some of the members at the Forton Services on the M6 AT 9:30 and should be at the museum at about 10:00 there will be quite a few members from High Peak District there as well. there is reserved TVR Parking at the back of the museum where there should be a TVR Banner advertising it. Just follow the noise!

      Looking forward to meeting you on Sunday

      Dave Welton

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