Zimmers & Zoomers 2015 Final Results

Apart from the 2 day event at Anglesey in October the season is now over for the Zimmers and Zoomers.

I have based results on 5 events (as that was the number Andy Lynch competed in). Duncan competed in 7 and I will have competed in 12 by October. I have used Andy and Duncans best 5 scores and for me I have taken the two scores where I had fellow competitors in my class plus the 3 other worst scores to try and negate the effect of being the only person in my class at those events.

The winner this season Is Duncan Woodcock with a score of 510.72, second is Andy Lynch on 485.43 and in third place was ME! with 484.39. Heath only managed one event this season as the wedding affected his time and bank balance! I will get some trophy’s and we will present them at the Christmas Lunch.

Just need the Warbby and Campion teams out for next season and we should have some more good fun.

Click on the results to enlarge

2015 zz reults

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8 Responses to Zimmers & Zoomers 2015 Final Results

  1. Andy Lynch says:

    Hi Dave,

    You flatter me with your revolutionary scoring methods, but thanks and I will gratefully take second, as I probably wont get a lookin next year if Heath and the others come out to play.

    I have really enjoyed the 5 sprints I have taken part in this year and look forward to having another go next year. Unfortunately I have come to realise I am a zimmer and not a zoomer.


    • Andy Lynch says:

      Well Done Duncan


    • David Welton says:

      Welcome fellow Zimmer! , although in a couple of seasons I think you will be promoted to the Zoomers. I did say the first season was learning the tracks and your car. I see the chap who wrote the Harewood report described me as “Veteran” ! that’s true but it still hurts. Thanks for your company Andy. The Aintree sprint was a cracker with two practice and 5 timed runs. Duncan and I had a good battle throughout the day.

  2. Bill Campion says:

    The S is now on the road – Be afraid- be very afraid!!!

  3. Andy Lynch says:

    Here is a link to my last and fastest run at Harewood, room for improvement?


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