Trip to Lakeland Museum etc s on Sunday 11th October

The trip planned for July was put back due to lack of numbers and has now been re scheduled for the 11th of October. The Peak District club (S Club) are making a two day tour of the Lakes and will be at the Museum on Sunday morning. Our intention was then to go on a steamer trip to Bowness and on return have a meal in the Swan at Newby Bridge.

I have contacted Glen Robinson who is organising the event and received the message below.

Hi Dave,
Yes we are intending to visit the museum after Sunday breakfast at the nearby Whitewater Hotel. Our High Peak TVRCC RO, Richard Walton, has negotiated reserved parking for us at the Museum, and group discount depending on numbers, so the more the merrier. He would appreciate it if you could get in touch with him to discuss arrangements and prospective numbers. e:
Richard has also negotiated a discounted rate at the hotel if any of your guys would like to join in the tour on the Saturday and enjoy an evening dinner and overnight stay at the Whitewater.
Looking forward to seeing you all thumbup


As you can see we need to establish who is going to arrange parking and discount tickets and for the steamer tickets plus the meal at the Swan. If you are interested let me know by phone, e mail or at the next meeting ,though that could be a bit late.


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3 Responses to Trip to Lakeland Museum etc s on Sunday 11th October

  1. tangerine147 says:

    Hi Dave

    Count Julia and myself out for the 11th Oct. – unfortunately it is Oliver’s birthday and we are going out for a family meal,

    Catch you later


  2. Bill Campion says:

    I will be ther on Sunday +1

  3. Bill Campion says:


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