R.O. Positions and way and where future club meetings will take place.

At last nights meeting the future of the Blackpool region was discussed as I did not want to continue as R.O.because most of the summer events clashed with my sprinting / hill climbing activities, and I was not giving the R.O. position the time and input it requires. Winter meets and controlling the website I could continue to do.

To know ones surprise there were no volunteers for either R.O. or Deputy R.O. positions so we were faced with a number of choices:-

1.Have no R.O. and just meet as normal with whoever happens to be there. This was not satisfactory as the main club needs a point of contact for transmission of information.

2.Sever all connection with the main club.

3.Join another region.

4.Meet with another club.

This latter option was the one most liked by the eleven members present, and it is proposed to
meet in future at the Phantom Winger in Preston on the same Sunday that the Preston Super Car Club hold their meetings. This has a number of advantages:_

1. I don’t have to attend every meeting as there will always be other people there.
2. A lot of the Blackpool region already attend the PSCC meetings.
3.There will be more and a wider variety of cars to see and discuss.
4. Other Clubs often attend the PSCC meetings and then continue for runs out in the area.
4. If people want they can go off for ad hoc runs out with other TVR’s after the meeting.

James and I have agreed to continue as R.O. & D.R.O. with these changes in place, and I will
inform members of monthly events by e mail and on the club website. This way you get the information whether I attend the meetings or not.

The PSCC meet on the “second to last” Sunday of the month from 10:00 on wards and the next meeting is this Sunday the 23rd of August, however, I won’t be there as two meetings in one week is one too many!Plus there is a lot of motor sport on the telly!

The address of the Phantom Winger is

398 Garstang Rd off Eastway, Fulwood Preston, PR3 5JE

Events coming up :-

BVPG car show in Italian Gradens Stanley Park on 30th August
Harewood Hillclimb (Round of TVRCC Championship) 30th August
Aintree Sprint 5th September
BVPG Car show Fairhaven Lake 13th September
Manchester Car show at Event City 19th / 20th Sept
Harewood Hill climb 20th Sept
Goodwood revival 11/13th Sept


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1 Response to R.O. Positions and way and where future club meetings will take place.

  1. Duncan Woodcock says:

    Dave, I’m really glad you are both staying on. I know I haven’t got involved with much since I joined last year but it seems to me that you contribute a good deal more than you give yourself credit for! Sunday meetings sound like s good plan, and I’ll hope to come along to some. Duncan

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