Only five of us at club meeting!

Go On I bet you thought the meeting was next week! The first Wednesday was the 1st of July. Anyway below is a list of upcoming events.

1st August~ 3 SISTERS sprint at Ashton in Makerfield Its a round of the TVR Speed Championship so lot’s of Tiv’s on track

2nd August ~ Car Fest North with Chris Evens at Oulton Park

2nd August ~ Lytham Hall Car show admission £6.50 suggest we meet at Wrea Green in the Grapes Hotel car park at 9:00am for convoy over

16th August ~ Blackpool Classic & Custum show at Staining village Hall

19TH August ~ Run out to Ribchester Arms         SEE ARTICLE ABOVE

22/23rd August ~ Tatton Park show Too late for tickets now but could park in public area

3oth August ~ BVPG Car Show in Italian Gardens Stanley Park entry £3 (BVPG SAY SHOW IS FULL)

30th August ~ Harewood Hillclimb round of TVR Speed Championship.



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2 Responses to Only five of us at club meeting!

  1. Duncan Woodcock says:

    Sorry, Dave, I’d have come that if I’d known but the Events 2015 page shows the Club Night as 22nd, when I’m on holiday. Should be here for the next one.

  2. says:

    Oh bugger, I did and to make it worse I did the same last month too.

    Many apologies

    Kev Berry

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