Results post Barbon & 3 sisters on 4/5th July

Duncan had a good day at Barbon winning his class and beating a 390 SE Wedge, he also achieved a new P.B. and beat my best time at Barbon last month by over half a second. Unfortunately one of my friends Andy Larton rolled his car 4 times after already getting a new class record. Even more galling is that they decided to give the competitors an extra bonus run and it was in this run that he had the accident.Thankfully Andy was ok but a bit bashed about.

Andy Lynch and I both managed new P.B.’s at 3 Sisters and managed 6 runs before the heavens opened and stopped the racing.

Scores are given below plus some photo’s

andy larton rolled car (2)
Andy Lartons car

duncan barbon july4 (2)

Duncan winning again! bit of a “ringer” I think!


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