Barbon hill climb 13th June

All through the week the weather forecast was rain and thunder storms for the Saturday event, however the weather did in the end stay dry and warm but overcast. This was the first time at Barbon for myself and fellow members of the “Blackpool Zimmers and Zoomers” Andy Lynch and Duncan Woodcock.

The event had attracted 90 entries, which is 50% more than they have ever had, this explains the chaos in the paddock where we parked basically where we could. After the normal preliminaries of sign on , briefing and scruitineering the first practice runs started at about 9:30. We had all been looking on You Tube to watch in car videos to see where the track went! and how best to tackle it. When you see the actual course it is much steeper than it appears on the videos. Duncan was best of the three of us after the practice runs beating me by 0.25 of a second and Andy by 0.96 seconds.

We all commented on how much we enjoyed the course and though only short it was technical and offered a good challenge. We completed 2 practice and 3 timed runs by mid afternoon though Andy missed the last run as his car decided to stop running as he was leaving the paddock.

Our final times and results were:-
Duncan winning his class with a time of 32.08 seconds
Andy was third in his class with a time of 33.46
I was First in my class (only entry!) with a time of 31.68 seconds

I t was a good event and we will certainly go again especially as they promised to sort out the paddock layout.




Duncan getting his trophy, second event and first trophy, that a good strike rate!

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5 Responses to Barbon hill climb 13th June

  1. Andy Lynch says:

    Well done Duncan and Dave, had a great day, the hill is a good track, if a bit narrow.
    I will check my calendar to see which I can do next.
    The Chim made it home without a tow truck, think it is a loose wire.


  2. Duncan Woodcock says:

    So pleased to hear that the car is working, Andy. A real shame you missed the last run as you were getting quicker and quicker….would have been a very close result at the end. I must say I was well chuffed to get the class win – don’t think the guy in the MR2 was too pleased. I enjoyed Barbon so much that I’ve put in an entry for 5th July event and I too will be at Aintree on 27th – so a busy few weeks. I’ll see you at Aintree Dave.

  3. Duncan Woodcock says:

    Sorry…..Barbon is on Saturday 4th. Don’t fancy Three Sisters on 5th….didn’t take to Course 1.

  4. Andy Lynch says:

    Booked 3 sisters on the 5th, was going to do Barbon, as I really enjoyed it, but, as I am on a lads night out on the Friday it will stop an early start on Saturday.

    Have a good day


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