Any Photo’s of the Cleveleys show at weekend?

Has anyone got any photo’s or better still an accompanying small write up of Russ’s showlast weekend so I can use it as part of the June report for Sprint magazine? If so please send them to me.

Plus if anyone is going to the P of P at Chalmondeley please send me some photo’s
Thanks Dave

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1 Response to Any Photo’s of the Cleveleys show at weekend?

  1. Duncan Woodcock says:

    I was supposed to be doing an Autosolo in Bolton on Sunday but it was cancelled at the last minute, so “Plan B” took us to the Car Show at Cleveleys. Heath was there with that fantastic Tuscan I’d not seen before. It was truly bracing on the front at Cleveleys, but there was a great display of brilliant cars from the very basic to some quite exotic stuff. My personal favourite was a Series 1 E-Type Jag, a coupe in red with a lovely detailed engine bay. Love my TVR but…..,,,,😍

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