Harewood Hillclimb Sunday 7th June

For once the weather was warm and sunny and my first practice run was only 0.25 seconds off my P.B. this is going to be a good day I thought. Then an announcement over the Tannoy “would all drivers come to see the bottom of the hill where a large amount of oil has been deposited from the start line to the end of the third bend” Guess who took the next run a bit tentatively? My actual timed runs were slow due to a combination of missed gear changes and going too deep into a couple of corners. All in all my wife Ann could have driven better. I got totally out driven by the other chap in my class who was driving a Porsche.
Ah well roll on Barbon next Saturday. The only good news was that I scored 100 points for coming second in my class!! (I have updated the scores on the Zimmers and Zoomers web page
Harewood June 15.jpg reduced

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1 Response to Harewood Hillclimb Sunday 7th June

  1. Andy Lynch says:

    Hi Dave
    Glad to hear you had a good time, and it was not your oil!

    Harewood is a good track, shame I could not attend.

    I have entered next weeks sprint, but my entry was after they had filled all the places, I am number 4 on the reserve list, I will find out on Thursday if I have a place.


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