Note to the Zimmers and Zoomers

I have now entered the Harewood Hillclimb on the 7th June and Barbon Hillclimb on the 13th June. Am I going to be on my own?

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4 Responses to Note to the Zimmers and Zoomers

  1. Duncan Woodcock says:

    Hi Dave

    I’ve an entry for Barbon and the July Aintree event so I’ll see you there. I’m on my way to Canada right now but have booked the Chim in to Heath and Paul for new coil overs after 3 Sisters revealed some “shortcomings” in the suspension department….well that’s my excuse!

  2. David Welton says:

    As I said it will be my first time at Barbon so I will watch you tube to check it out. intend to enter the Aintree sprint as well, it is in June on the 27th.Its the day after I return from holiday so need the car ready in trailer the week before.

  3. Andy Lynch says:

    Looking at my calendar and I should be able to manage 1 in June, can’t do Aintree on the 27th as we have an annual run out / camping weekend in the peek district with other TVR guys, anyone interested, drop me a line for more info, Which ever (Harewood or Barbon) has the most interest I will try and attend.


  4. Bill Campion says:

    Car not finished yet!!

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