Hell on Wheels ~ 3 sisters Sat 4th April

So we went to the event and took some photos. the first one is of Heath and his mate Dave in the Porsche. The rest I took cos we all know what cars look like!!!


This one is a windscreen washer bottle

This one is to show the man with the washboard stomach for the girls in the club! and to prove I’m not sexist.

Oh yes and the weather was good and Heath and Ray enjoyed their 10 laps of the course

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5 Responses to Hell on Wheels ~ 3 sisters Sat 4th April

  1. Andy Lynch says:

    Looks like Heath has been having a sneaky practice session,

    Nice to see Heath has entered for the 12th


    • Jim Edwards says:

      So who else is entered for the 12th? Assume Dave W is- saw the Yasmin at X Works the other day and managed to get underneath and admire the exhaust, lovely job!!

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