Carding Shed &Oil Can Cafe

It was alright in the end!

In late February we visited the Carding Shed and Oil Can Cafe in Hepworth Yorkshire and the weather forecast was atrocious. My daughter and Grand daughter asked if they could come with us so I obviously said yes. The TVR was covered up again and the Discovery given a wash and clean in preparation.

Six TVR’s and four cars from the Preston Super Car Club plus the Disco set off to Whalley were we picked up another TVR and a Mini. I should have known keeping 13 cars together in a convoy would be difficult. Shortly after the stop in Whalley my gran-daughter revisited her breakfast so rather than delay everyone I asked Heath Briggs to take over the leading of the group, Slight problem but it should be O.K. in the end. Not long after I was involved in another regurgitation! And whilst parked in a lay by saw Heath and a Chap in a Camero travelling in the opposite direction! Things were going from bad to worse. I decided to cut out the scenic route and go via the smoother, motorway route. The last part of the journey was over the moors and it was bleak, sleeting and misty.

On arrival at the venue I was the only car there, and by now i’m thinking the day is becoming a total disaster. I take my family in side and get a coffee and some lunch. After about 10 minutes the drivers of the first two cars arrived followed over the next half hour or so by everyone else except for one car which turned back. Much discussion of getting lost and driving over the moors in snow now took place. Who say’s TVR drivers are not a hardy bunch of people.

The car displays, cafe and shops are all first class and were well worth the effort of getting there. Note to self, next time go in the summer as the views would have been spectacular if the snow and mist had cleared.

oil can1

oil can 2

oil can 3






The model camper van was built over a GO Kart chassis!

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2 Responses to Carding Shed &Oil Can Cafe

  1. Kev Berry says:

    Great write up but a shame that the weather was poor for the run.
    Entertaining read about the split up of the convoy too.
    Great news, my shifts from next month fall into place nicely with the club meetings.
    Kev Berry

  2. Keith Hume says:

    I can recommend TOYO SNOW PROXIES on a TVR, absolutely brilliant.

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