Lunch and tour of Hawkshead Brewery

The date has now been fixed for Saturday the 29th of November. I suggest we meet up at the Forton service station on the M6 at 11:45 am so we can be at the Beer Hall for lunch at about 12:30. This will give us 90 minutes to eat before the tour starts at 2:00pm. As well as serving normal bar meals and Sunday lunches the beer hall also serve up to 14 different tapas if you only want a light snack. The cost of the tour is £6.50 and includes either a pint or 2 halves at the end of the tour. The whole tour takes about 45 minutes and includes a short film. Staveley is about mid way between Kendal and Windermere. Nicola wants to go shopping but I’m sure the lure of some red wine and Tapas will change all thoughts of shopping,

Having been for my pr opp assessment I have been told I will be in hospital for approx 3 days so I wont be able to join you at the Brewery. I phoned the brewery this morning and booked for 12 to 14 people to go on the tour so they no your coming!

Confirmed as coming:- Kev & Michelle Berry, Heath & Nicola, Andy & Shirley Lynch


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3 Responses to Lunch and tour of Hawkshead Brewery

  1. Jim walsh says:

    We can’t make Thursday or Saturday working

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