A possible cheaper alternative to “Go Pro” camera’s?

Stan Ratcliffe copied this to me this week

Hi David,
A few years ago the TVR club negotiated a discount on our products for members and today we launch A Christmas Shopping offer for TVR members,
Demonstrating the capabilities of the Digi-Cam. One of our customers unclipped his from their car, popped it onto a baseball cap, switched from ‘continuous loop driving record’ to normal HD video and used it to film a once-in-a-lifetime experience flying on-board an Avro Lancaster WW2 bomber (one of only two flying Lancasters that survive)

Not bad for a camera that TVR members can buy for just £79 during our Christmas Shopping Offer (ends 30th Nov) and it has a serious purpose of providing evidence in the event of an incident.
For a real bargain combine the camera with a CHIPnTRAC security kit for just £159

CLUBS TVR password tuscan8

All the best
Stan Ratcliffe
01474 350 883

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2 Responses to A possible cheaper alternative to “Go Pro” camera’s?

  1. David H says:

    Be aware that these were offered to the club earlier this year at £100 which was described as ‘discounted’ and he wanted us to review and recommend it to the membership.
    Kev Dunnington tested the one on offer and felt it wasn’t any better than one he picked up off ebay for about £25. We declined to feature the camera or endorse it so it appears he’s mailed all the ROs direct.

    Caveat Emptor. 🙂

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