NEW DATE ! Breakfast in Settle Sunday 31st August


At the club meeting this week we decided to organise a run out and meet for breakfast in Settle.The proposed route is shown below and the total milage is about 100 miles with a driving time of 2hrs 30 mins.

I propose we meet at the Tickled Trout at 9:00am and leave at 9:15. It is about 37 miles to Settle so we should be there by about 10:15 for breakfast. From Settle we will go up to Kirby Lonsdale for a look around before setting off via the B6254 through Caton and over Quernmoor to join the M6 just north of Forton services.

breakfast in Settle

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6 Responses to NEW DATE ! Breakfast in Settle Sunday 31st August

  1. Bill Campion says:

    Bugger, Can’t go now! why the date change?

  2. Sharyl says:

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