Run out Sunday 24th November

As my car is being taken off this road at the end of this month I thought a last run out would be good. I have plotted a smallish run so we can be back for the Brazilian GPat 4pm.
I propose to leave from the Tickled Trout at 10:30 and go via the A 59 to Clitheroe then go via waddington and Slaid burn to Settle for our first stop for coffee. Then from Settle through Ingleton over to Kirby Lonsdale for a look round the village before coming home via the M6.

I know the run may depend on the weather so I will keep an eye on the forecast. PLEASE PHONE OR E MAIL ME ON SATURDAY IF YOU INTEND TO COME SO I KNOW WHO TO WAIT FOR AT THE TICKLED TROUT.


Tel 01772 671549. (there is an answerphone if I am not about)

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