Back Home 2013

Many thanks to everyone who helped make the event a success, the trade stands the people and businesses who donated prizes, my fellow organisers, the marshals, in fact  EVERYONE!. The decision to cancel the Sunday demo runs was difficult as the weather on the Saturday was superb but it was the correct one. Over 225 TVR’S were on the site when I  did a count up at lunch time, plus other makes as well.

The Saturday night ball was excellent and the money raised by the Raffle, Auction and loudest car competition was £3007 so well done to all who donated.

Pictures are better than words so here are a few:

Nicola sent me the last two photo’s , clearly very artistic and has superb taste. The white wedge may have won a concours prize but the sun god knows which car is the best! Terry’s Tamora is waving the flag

20 Back Home pres group[1] (2)  12 Back Home pres[1] (2)



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5 Responses to Back Home 2013

  1. Bill Campion says:

    Well done Dave! All ready for 2016?? (runs away and hides!)

  2. David Welton says:

    I think the team did so well you won’t need me next time & young James is showing a lot of promise, he’d look good in the bright yellow shirt!

  3. Tony & Sue Binns says:

    would have been nice if some one had phoned me & told me sunday was cancelled me & Sue would not have had to get up at 6am to get down to the prom for 9.30 & to be told by a tvr car owner who’s not a member of the club that it had been decided to cancelled Sunday by 2pm Saturday

    • David Welton says:

      Hi Tony,
      Sorry that was entirely my fault. On Saturday afternoon I contacted all the trade stands and exhibitors and all the drivers who were due to come on Sunday and informed them of the cancellation, but overlooked the people who were coming to marshal. I will buy you both an ice cream when we meet up!!


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