New Meeting Day and Times

At the club meeting on Sunday 25th August it was proposed and agreed that we should change the day and time that we hold the club meetings on.

All future meetings will be at the Fairfield Hotel on the THIRD WEDNESDAY OF THE MONTH starting at 7:30 onwards.

The next meeting will be on WEDNESDAY 18TH SEPTEMBER. It will be 3 days after the Back Home event so a good chance to get drunk!

I hope this new date will meet with everyones approval by freeing up the Sundays for family activities, motor sport, watching the F1 or whatever you want to do. We do intend to still organise some things at weekends but these will be advertised well in advance

Dave Welton

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3 Responses to New Meeting Day and Times

  1. Tony Binns says:

    Sorry i missed last sunday meeting i would have voted against change the meeting day too a week day
    I will not be able to attend any week day meetings i am sorry to say as i work away from home Tuesday to Saturday but i would be happy to join any weekend trips
    Thanks Tony Binns

    • David Welton says:

      Hi Tony, I am sorry you can’t make weekdays however any trips,shows or events are always advertised on the website and I e mail every one just in case they have not seen the website.



      • Tony Binns says:

        Hi Dave i’ll keep an eye out for any trips or shows had a look too see who else has meeting on a Sunday the one’s that do are to far to travel to sorry to say hope the n meeting date go’s ok for you

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