Run out to White scar cave at Ingleton

The next Sunday club meeting is on the 28th of July and it is proposed to visit the White scar cave in the Yorkshire Dales. The cave is the longest “show” cave in Britain. There is a cafe , Gift shop and picnic area. The Temperature inside the cave is a constant 8 degrees so bring a warm jacket!

If the weather is good we could have a picnic outside, I remember our last alfresco picnic at Bolton Abbey was a great success with Chamagne, wine and strawberries and cream being consumed!

I propose we meet up initially at the Fairfield and leave at 11:30 and then call in at the Forton services at about 11:50 and meet up with the rest of the members.The cost of entry is £8.50 and there are guided tours throughout the day.

For more info and photos of the cave see

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1 Response to Run out to White scar cave at Ingleton

  1. Tony Binns says:

    HI Dave
    Its Tony you can count me & Sue for the White Scar run

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