Tuscan Challenge Oulton Park Saturday 29th June

Jim Walsh and the rest of the Tuscan challenge racers will be at Oulton on the 29th June. Times are shown below.

                                           Practice        Qually         Race 1       Race 2

Formula Ford 1600           9.00            10.40            14.45       16.30

Jedi Championship             9.35             11.10            14.10        17.05

Euro Saloons/Sports cars  None            10.05           12.50        15.55

Tvr Challenge                      None            12.15             15.20        17.40

I suggest you forget the practice have a lie in bed and arrive in time for the first Qually at 10.40 So meet at Tickled Trout at 9.00 and leave at 9.15

I wont be going as I am in a Sprint at Aintree on the same day and at another sprint on the Sunday so I won’t be at the next club meeting either.

Dave Welton

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