Wrey Village Show Sunday 5th May

Dave and Angela Courtney were invited to take some cars to the Wray Village Scarecrow Festival and Fair. The invite was to both local TVR and Lotus Owners Clubs and a mixture of cars met up at the Forton Services for our run out to the village which is just North East of Lancaster. The event was well organised with a fairground as well as a main display area, and even some Donkey rides for the children. After parking up, and the essential visit to the “Burger Van”, we had a wander round the village. It would appear that every house had made a scarecrow based on the theme of “Books” There were also some giant moving scarecrows walking round the village which were about three metres high and were basically a framework of a scarecrow  strapped to a man, well I assumed they were men.

The afternoon sunshine brought many tourists into the village and the café’s and pub did a roaring trade. I know I am biased but I think the Tiv’s and Lotus were the star attractions, though there were some nice vintage motorbikes there as well. One, a Royal Enfield, even had working Carbide lights which will be totally alien to some of you younger readers!

I will go again next year and would like to take my Grand daughter with me as it is a day out for the whole family.

wray 1wray 3

It was suggested we get the owner of Robert E Lee to demo this car in September, It could be spectacular goingt through the chicane! if you click on the photo of the Giant Scarecrow you will see how good they were.

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