Cars in the Park~Newby Hall nr Harrogate~5th May

A message from the Organisers

You must get a ticket from CITP to park with us. I have hired the space so need to recoup the cost through the ticket. As well as other event costs
like insurance, website and sundries.

If you are thinking of coming; but not quite ready to commit then please reserve a ticket. This helps me plan for a last minute rush. If there isn’t a thread on your forum then spread the news. There can never be too many sports cars.

We can park cars up from 9:30 onwards and we expect people to drift in till 12:00. If everyone can try to arrive by then it would be helpful.
Try to arrive in the groups you want to park with. Not a must but it makes our life simpler.

Kids are free under 4 and 4-15 they have to pay. Our ticket is cheaper than Newby Halls. Dogs are welcome; just check on the Newby hall website for
Remember to keep the speed down whilst on the estate. This includes when you leave!
Looking forward to this meet
Chris Crossley
CITP Organiser

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