Car Show at Wray Sunday 5th May

Dave Courtney has sent me the following message.

You might remember that last year we were offered a spot at the show and we turned up with some Lotus’s and some TVR’s. We only had Terry, Jullian and myself with TVR’s but I think all had a good time even though the weather wasn’t spectacular. Well, as we created quite a stir we have been offered a spot again and apparently the Sunday this year is going to be more car focussed than last time. The ‘static times are 11am – 4pm so I would plan to meet at Forton services again probably around 9.30am to then drive up in convoy.

As you know, Wray has the week long festival every year and is well known for its Scarecrow show (all the locals make one of their own so they are scattered all around the village) as well as the usual show related stuff, trade stalls etc so I hope we can get a few more TVR’s this year.

Anyone interested in going should e-mail or let Dave know as he needs to give a rough idea of numbers as soon as possible.

Dave is on 0772041205210 or

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    When dave ?
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