Our day out at the seaside

Our first outing of the year took place this month when Russ Larcombe organised a trip to Morecambe for Lunch at the Midland Hotel followed by a visit to an Antique centre called “Northern Relics”, no comments please, and a conducted tour round the Winter Garden complex which is being restored to its former glory.

We are normally blessed with good weather on our excursions but not this time. The forecast snow did not materialise but it was still a wet and windy day. The meet up point was the Forton Service station on the M6 and I was pleasantly surprised when 11 TVR‘s and 22 people rolled up. With much to talk about and hot coffee to be drunk we were a little late setting of for Morecambe. The Midland had once again did us proud and we had an excellent lunch in a separate dining room overlooking the promenade and sea. Two hours later the majority of the members set off for the Antique centre and Winter Gardens. Some of the group, Ann and I included, opted to stay in the warmth of the hotel lounge and sit round drinking coffee whilst watching the hardy souls walking along the prom.

Hopefully Russ will add the bits about the tour and Antiques!

photo 1 feb 2013Thats one heck of a turn out for a wet weekend in February. Thanks everyone for supporting Russ.

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