Weekend Trip to Wales in the Spring

A message from Bob and James who have volunteered to organise the above trip

 HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all. It has been suggested we have weekend away in North Walews in Spring 2013. I volunteered to move this along, to seek interest, dates etc. And get something organized.

Where: Portmadog – or thereabouts

To do what? Culture (what’s that?) – Port Merrion Railways – Festiniog railway Driving – some good roads for them that want to drive Walking – some good walks too!

When? It would be better when we have lighter nights and longer days So – proposed dates (all Friday to Sunday) – aiming to miss Easter and bank hoilidays, are:-

April 12/13/14,    OR 19/20/21 , OR 26/27/28  OR May 10/11/12 , OR 17/18/19

Hotel Options This area has three or four good hotels.

Royal Sportsman – @ £120 to 140 per night B&B + I night’s dinner

Golden Fleece – £160 to £180 two nights B&B 

Estuary Lodge – £190 2 nights B&B

All in or around Portmadog So – and recognising that we won’t be able to please all of the people all of the time ……… WHO is up for this? WHAT DATES do people prefer?  I need replies PDQ please – if we are going to do this we need to get moving and make some bookings. Then James Taylor and I will do route planning, etc. And I will organize some cultural activity for those of us that that don’t want to spend the whole weekend in a car! So please reply to me ASAP – and I will also tag people at the next club gathering.

Best regards, Bob

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5 Responses to Weekend Trip to Wales in the Spring

  1. jim says:


  2. jim says:

    11/12 may silverstone D-TEC race

  3. Bill Campion says:

    We can only make 10,11,12 May at the moment
    Bill&Maggie Campion

  4. James Taylor says:

    As discussed at the club meet yesterday – the date for the Wales weekend will be 19th -21st April. Further details (hotels, etc) will be posted in due course.
    I will assist Bob organise this trip but unfortunately we will not now be going on it – I am currently studying and take my final exams on the 30th -I will also have to forego Chatsworth this year for the same reason as I need to revise like mad! 😦

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