Reminders from today’s meeting (29th Jan)

South Cumbria Region have asked if we can help by taking some cars to an event on Saturday May 19th in Workington on the Cumbrian coast. The event is featured on the following website and is to raise money for the West Cumbria Hospice. The event takes place in the parks and town centre and we would be in a park along with many other people including Terry Grant the stunt driver, Ford Rally cars provided by Malcolm Wilson. It really does look like a good day out for all the family.

The R.O. has a coffee shop in the town and has kindly offered to provide tea and coffee for us throughout the day. He says it will take about 1.25 hrs to get to Workington from Kendal. We would have to be there for about 9:00am so it would entail a reasonably early start. He expects it to be well supported because of the charity and the fact that car events are not common round that area.


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