Car Detailing

Ian Francis sent me the E mail below with a glowing report on a man who does car detailing.
I’ve just had the 12K service done at X-Works. Following this I was asking about car polishing and Heath put me in contact with Brian at ALCHEMY 07877 823378. He’s a 1 man band at the moment operating out of the rear garage at APL – Saab Indy premises in Kirkham.
Brian spent a whole day on my car – Wash (of course) Clay bar, Machine Polish & Winter Wax (Hard wax) £120, which is very competitive for a ‘Stage 1’ treatment. He works up to 3 stages apparently.
When I arrived to pick up the car I had a bit of a shock – I actually looked at this immaculate T350 wondering where my car had gone for a moment! Looked again and realised that I was looking at it!
Upon closer inspection he explained that a recent spray job & polish had left swirl marks in the paint.  Apparently they are due to the mop that had been useed. Brian’s have to pass the CD test. i.e. be able to polish a CD without leaving any marks on it.
Anyway Brian has now remedied the paint marks & removed someone’s attempt at keying the left wing & door and I’m very pleased with the result to say the least.
I usually shy away from recommendations, but this guy’s very good & not expensive either.  
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