3 Sisters ~ 11th Sept Round 3 of Longton MC Championship

The forecast was for mixed weather so we opted to fit Toyo road tyres on 14 inch rims, this would also give us a bit more acceleration compared to the 15 inch wheels we normally use. The circuit used was 1.5 laps of the outer track which should have given us a bit more chance as it avoids the tight twisty inner circuit, which is a bit too much for the Tasmin which is a big car.

Now we are getting to know the procedures, set up, scruitineering etc was calm and no problem. Before lunch we had two practice runs each and one timed run. As usual Jim and I were very close and our times got better with each run. At the lunch break Jims best time was 94.1 seconds which was 0,2 seconds quicker than myself. However I have to say we were on a different planet to the overall leader who had recorded a time of 66 seconds! His name must have been Dr Who in a Tardis.


Dave Welton

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