Lytham Hall Car Show 14th August

Eight cars met up in B&Q car park for the run over to Lytham Hall. Whilst waiting for everyone to arrive Mick Mc Donnel demonstrated the new Silencers (I think not) on his Sagaris. I actually think he stole some bass organ pipes from the local church and had them chromed! They still need a bit of adjustment as the exhaust gasses impinge on the undertray an make the whole car shake and vibrate.

On arrival at the hall I explained to the stewards that we had not pre booked as the booking forms state you can’t pre book any post 1998 cars. A quick chat with Mark Woodward the organiser and we were given a prime spot. Mark explained that was on the form to stop people bringing shiny new Ford Mondeo’s and the like. Our line up was increased by the arrival of a nice Tasmin Coupe and a 420 SEAC, owned by Trevor who had driven over from Knutsford. I think we had the most single make cars on display by a club at the whole show.

There were the usual trade displays and this year a lot more classic motor bikes than usual. As a picture is worth a thousand words I will just post some photographs I took.

Some of the line up

From the left are;- Dave Hothersall, Mick Mc Donnell, Heath Briggs, Dave Courtney, Angela Courtney.

The other end of the line up including the best car in Show (well I thought so)

Dave in his “Alien” sunglasses

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  1. autofunction says:

    Oh. What has Angela done to her hand. Oh its the biggest burger this side of the River Wyre.
    Half of it in the mouth full she just took. Smile and say cheese.

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