Club Meeting this coming Sunday 24th November

Meeting at Phantom Winger this Sunday. If you are coming to The Christmas lunch on the 20th Dec please let me know your menu requirements

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Tasmin Sprint car gets modified rear suspension

The early Tasmins were fitted with a trailing arm suspension the earth end of which was located on the chassis by an inadequate design. Basically a pin was fitted into a rubber bush and then cantilevered off the chassis. The trailing arm then pivoted on the pin, so any large loads moved the pin in its bush and allowed the camber and toe in of the rear wheels to vary. (see photo 1 )

Tasmin suspension
Photo 1

This became very apparent recently when I was applying more negative camber via the rear adjustable tie rods. As well as in creasing the camber the adjustment also increased the toe in by a large amount. Whilst investigating this problem a lever was applied to the end of the trailing arm and the result was the whole wheel and suspension could move aft by about 10 mm and the geometry totally changed. NOT GOOD. In an attempt to limit movement of the suspension a rubber bushed drag link had been fitted between the suspension and the chassis. (see photo 2)

drag link (2)
Photo 2

Paul Forrest, at X Works Services, and I had discussed this before and decided to redesign the mounting of the Earth end of the arm. I had seen grainy photo’s of how some people had done this incorporating a spherical bearing and making a bracket that would hold the associated pin in double shear and hence a stiffer stronger design.
The bearings used were 0.625” bore with a 0.75” UNF thread. A sketch was produced of the assembly and Paul removed the existing suspension and pins and fabricated a bracket and welded it to the chassis (see photo’s 3 & 4 ).

Photo 3 Offside bracket

Photo 4 Nearside bracket

The distance from the centre of the hole in the rod end bearing to the actual end of the threaded portion was then marked on the trailing arms, and they were then cut accordingly. We left a small allowance that could be removed later if necessary. Two rectangular plates were then made from 0.625” steel plate and cut to fit inside the ends of the cut arms. Holes were then bored into the plates and headed threaded bushes made to fit into the holes. The threaded bushes were then welded into the plates and the plates subsequently welded into the arms. (see photo 5)

Photo 5

The arms complete with adjustable, spherical rod ends were then trial fitted into the newly fabricated brackets and packers fitted to locate the arms to give the approximately correct camber and toe in angles. The final adjustments can then be made by rotating the eye ends. Conical spacers were manufactured and fitted to allow lateral rotation of the spherical bearings without binding.
(See photo’s 6 & 7) Before fitting of conical spacers

Photo 6

Photo 7

I will report back after a session on the track at 3 Sisters.
Many thanks to Paul Forrest at X Works Sevices who turned ideas into reality, and my Friend Sean Bourne who manufactured the threaded bushes and conical spacers.

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How many TVR’s does a man need? ~ Answer just one more!

Bill Campion has bought himself an early Christmas present.

Bill vixen 1

bill vixen 2

Bill Vixen 3

Hope it all goes to plan Bill, they are the most competitive car for sprinting / hill climbing!

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Helicopter Hanger Open Day Sunday 15th November 10am till 4pm

Wesham House Farm
Fleetwood Road, Wesham, Nr Preston PR4 3HD

We are delighted to announce another chance to visit our hangar.

This is a great opportunity to see our hangar and learn the history of these iconic helicopters, see memorabilia of both these and other aircraft and view footage of the restoration process and the moment our Huey 509 was reunited with some of its original pilots from the Vietnam War.

Get up close to the aircraft – our crew will be on hand to answer questions and you will be very welcome to take photographs and sit in the cockpit.

Refreshments will be available and you are also welcome to bring a picnic!!

Admission is by advanced ticket purchase only as numbers are restricted.

Please book early to avoid disappointment!!!

• We have a fun quiz for the children so this is a real family event.

• Should you wish to purchase a souvenir of your visit, our Huey shop will be open – take a look at our website shop to see what is on offer.

Please purchase your tickets on-line at or phone Jo Connolly or Becky Pickford on 01772 687775 during our normal office hours which are Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm.

Adults: £7.50
Children: (Aged 5 to 16 years): £5.00
Infants (Under 5 years of age): Free of charge

*All profits go towards the upkeep of our helicopters and the venue
NB. We regret there are no disabled facilities at this venue.

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Some video of Andy, Heath and I at Anglesey this month

Can’t load the in car videos on you tube so see here

Please excuse the “crotch shot” at start of in car video!! I’m only turning the camera on!


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Message from Duncan Woodcock

“I’m doing an AutoSolo in my MGF on 6/12/15 at the Blackburn Services on the M65. It’s bloody good fun, and it’s the last event for me in the SD34 Individual Championship. If anyone has a curiosity about AutoSolo, and fancies a go, I’m happy to share my car. There’s only 33 entries available, so early entry is recommended. Costs £25. See SD34 website for details.”

Having never been to one I intend to go and watch let me know if you are going over


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The modifications have started!

The Sprint/Hillclimb Season has finished and as more power costs more money the easier route is Less Weight! (both me and the car) So farI have lost a whole kg, but the car has lost 14kg so far.

Rear bumper was removed and weighed 11.2 kg the front bumper and lights weighed 2.9 kg That means a slight increase in the power to weight ratio. It now weighs 1009 kg and you tell me what a TVR 500 engine REALLY produces.

I think the front view looks like it’s from a Mad Max movie!



“Be Afraid” you fellow Blackpool Sprinters by next season I may have personally lost another fraction of a kilo and who knows how much more weight I can remove from the car!  If you look closely all superfluous stickers have been removed, this was not to save weight! but by making it look more standard it will not be as obvious when I don’t perform well!…..May even get some lessons at a track day?

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